Estate Specimen Sourcing

This project was for a high-profile client on Long Island, New York. The contractor and Landscape Architect were looking for a larger specimen beech tree to complement the existing mature landscape.

Listerman & Associates located a spectacular specimen beech that was appropriate for the landscape. After multiple pictures were exchanged and a personal visit by the landscape contractor the tree was accepted for the job.

Digging such a specimen required two experienced men and a backhoe. The backhoe did the original trenching around the tree, but the sculpting of the final product was all done by hand to ensure optimal transplanting success.

After the burlap was attached, a woven wire fence was placed around the root ball and then crimped to maintain the integrity of the root ball. A crane was brought in to lift the 18-ton tree and place it on a lowboy semi-truck. It was secured, double-tarped, and prepared for Its 1000+ mile trip to New York.

Traveling through the night, the tree reached its final destination where a crane and crew were waiting to offload and place the tree into its new location. The total time from digging to transplantation: three (3) days.

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